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Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator

The high magnetic flux drum contains powerful permanent magnets and is lined with stainless steel.

The magnetic separator is composed of a case, magnetic-drum, a fixed scrapper blade and electric motor. The type M-150 has a squeeze roller acting on the drum which results in a dryer sludge.

The liquid inlet to the inlet case, and the mounting for the magnetic separator, can be made to the customer's requirements. Optional accessories with the magnetic separator are a liquid level control, a work cycle timer and an overflow return.

Principle of function

The magnetic drum rotates against the flow of the waste liquids and separates out the ferromagnetic particles. The formation of a layer of ferromagnetic particles around the drum liner also traps non-ferrous particles such as those from grinding wheel wear. The scrapper blade separates the sludge layer off the magnetic drum. The scrapper blade is adjustable to compensate for wear.

Magnetic separator

Type M
Type M
Type M-150
Type M-150

Utilization / Employment

Continuous cleaning of liquids loaded with ferromagnetic particles.

Available Types

Type M Type M-150 Flow cap. [l/min of 1 mm²/sec] Dimension [mm]
A / B
M-170 M-150-170 50 190/430
M-320 M-150-320 100 340/580
M-460 M-150-460 200 480/720
M-590 M-150-590 300 620/860
M-720 M-150-720 400 740/980
M-1020 M-150-1020 700 1040/1280

Magnetic separator Magnetic separator
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